Saturday, January 08, 2005

day two

8 Jan 2005

Yesterday was a great day. We took a long walk to the aterro do Flamengo, took a lap and then went to our very favorite Pe Sujo for lunch. Just as everywhere here in Rio, the people in the little place immediately remembered us and treated us like royalty. Grilled beasts, rice, beans and salad for $R 7.

Hung out in the afternoon and then went to Jorge and Jaqueline´s house for a long talk. A very long talk. I mean really long. Like 4 hours. We hads to catch up. So anyhow, we went out at midnight 30 to see if we could scare up someaction. Ran into some of the old crowd from Bambas do Catete and Canarios das Larageiras. Of course samba broke out and we sat at a bar till 2am singing the new sambas de enredo and working out the bossas. Turned into a party when peoplewe didn´t even know showed up and started singing along. One big family.
Today we are meeting up with Xuxa to go to a pagode in the quadra of Portela. All the old guard on stage singing sambas while the Baianas serve feijoada. Tonight we have Bambas do Cateteat 8 followed by Canarios from 2400 till who knows. ~I´ll be the tall white guy playing caixa. Really tall. Really white.

Anyhow, this whole napkins thing. Have I already whined about this? As the guy said to Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, I have just one word to say to you....Plastics. Well, I have just onew ord word to say to you.....Napkins. This countryneeds a good napkin in the worst way. There are two types here. One is made of wax paper and the other is the self destructing type. The former is like a cruelty joke. As it is made of wax, and has no absorbant qualities whatsoever, you tend to chase the food around your face with it. I suppose there is some logic to it. It must be designed to spread the food out into a thinner layer which doesn´t stand out as much. The second type is in some ways crueler. You innocently put it to your face and, particularly if you have facial hair, it explodes and spreads itself around. You wind up looking like you just went through a locally heavy snow shower and have to go to the bathroom to get it off.
You could be the Micheal Dell of napkins here inBrazil. The nakins magnate as it were. Just an idea.

Tomorrow should be really tasty. 10 hours ofsamba always produce some good material. I planto hit the aphrodisiac thing hard today. Fui, j