Friday, January 14, 2005

follow up

Just a little follow up on today´s activities. We went to lunch at our favorite pe sujo just off the aterro do Flamengo. We had two beers, guarana, water, grilled chicken, grilled steak,rice beans and salad for $8. If I survive thewalk home, I´ll take a nap.

It seems that the Brazilian government feels that the era of American hegemony is over as it nolonger requires that it´s diplomats speakenglish. They need to be fluent in portuguese,spanish and french but not english.

Finally, just in case you were feeling sorry for yourself today, there was a report in the paper of a guy who left the northeast with his parents and 9 children and went to SP where he stayed two years. He moved to Rio where he had a good job for two years. After being layed off, he´s been on the steets for two years. He currently feels lucky because he found this area on top of an unfinished over pass where no one robs him. Although he sleeps with cars going 80mph past his head on the other side of the wall, He rests comfortably for the first time in a while. Since he´s no longer being robbed, he can collect enough aluminum cans to save enough money to leave Rio. j