Monday, January 24, 2005

His Xuxaness

24 Jan addendum

Our old friend Xuxa has finally made his way into the society column. This is the guy who, last year, threatened to resort to using foam rubber in his drag costume for carnaval. The same guy who hurt himself trying to snap open his his chinese fan and, therefore, declared himself not gay enough to be messing around with fans.

Well, as it turns out, through this friends Thalia and Stephen, Xuxa Bob met and has become friends with Joao Bosco, one of his musical heroes. One of the blocos in Vila Isabel, Segura Para Nao Cair, is honoring João Bosco this year and , as part of the celebration there was a big party at Bosco´s house and then the folks went to the bloco parade in a chartered bus. Simone and Aldir Blanc were there as was one of the musicians who appeared on Carlos Santanas recent album. The party made it to the society page in the paper.

At this point ´´His Xuxaness´´ is insufferable. I hope that I don´t have to dar uma chulapada nele (slap him).

I read the newspaper today. Tons of funny stuff happened. More on that tomorrow. j