Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I love this place

25 Jan

Just walking over here is a treat everyday. The place is full of life. Every block is packed with small businesses of every variety. There are hardware stores, small groceries, bakeries, bars (at least 2 per block. they also serve as lunch counters), veterinarian/pet shop, laundry, book store,news stand and so on. Not one Mc Donald´s or Walmart or Starbuck´s. Heterogeneity is the ticket.

Karma is a bitch. For years all the rich folks in the buildings around the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas have been dumping raw sewage illegally. I guess they thought no one would notice. They were rewarded yesterday when four tons of dead fish floated to the surface. The good news I suppose is that the fish were really easy to catch.
There are still high hopes for Portela. Teresa Cristina is slated to sing the warm up samba and the samba enredo is going fairly well. At their rehearsal on Saturday, the harmonia got off beat from the bateria. Hopefully, they got that kink worked out. I have to say that I´m pulling for them.

One other thing you should definitely try is the cachaça called ´´Magnifica´´. It comes from Minas Gerais, is a little pricey at $R 4 rather than the usual $R 1.50 but definitely worth it. Like good tequila. Tasty.

Political reporting here is more fun than a barrel of those little wrestler monkeys. I´m guessing that you guys don´t get the same reports we get here. As far as I can tell, the news media in the US is all on board with Bush´s plan for this term calling it ´´ambitious´´. Here in the rest of the world the word ´´Hitler´´ keeps poppig up. However, there are some bright spots for the Shrub. It seems that, although 49% of the US and virutally 100% of the rest of the world hates him, the iranians, especially the students, love him. They want him to come to their countryand kill their government. You gotta love that Shrub. Poltics makes for strange bedfellows, huh?

Gotta take a lap around the beach. j