Sunday, January 23, 2005

the three s´s

23 Jan 2005

Sex, soccer and samba. I may have to break this up.

Sex is alive and well here in Rio. Sex between consenting adults is considered a healthy part of life and sensuality drips from the walls here. There are used condoms on the street all over the place and that´s probably good news. Political correctness does not seem to exist here. Little stuff send people over the edge in America.(a baseball player with a fast ball velocity higher than his IQ makes a racial slur and it becomes front page news.) These PC dumbasses would be rendered apoplectic here.

Last night st the end of Camarios,about 0330, the samba school selected the Rainha da Bateria, the Queen of the samba school. It was a jiggling wiggling spectacle. A mix of a livestock show and a beauty contest with great music. If you can get past the fact that the women were wearing almost nothing and just look at the talent they have, it is amazing. Whether you like it or not, it´s part of the culture here. I was happy for the winners (Pincess and Queen) It was a very big deal forthem.

Unforutnately, beautiful people and grinding poverty can lead to abuse. Exploitation, euphemistically referred to as `´sexual tourism`´ is getting bigger here. Apparently the europeans have discovered this fact and are chartering planes in here. Exploitation of children and adolescents is also on the rise. The paper recently had a picture of this big muscular German dude with a shaved head and one of those cute little barbed wire tattoos on his bicep. He was chatting up a couple of girls in training bras. The next picture had him kissing one of them. Nothing wrong with that sick fuck that a close encounter with a baseball bat wouldn´t fix.

If you come here to exploit these wonderful people, you´re fucked up. Period. Call me a red neck.

Anyhow, soccer, a nacional passion. Having grown up in west Texas, the very same west Texas they made the movie `´Friday Night Lights`´ about, the concept of playing a game without using yourhands is a little foreign to me. We have these hands!! We should use them. I guarantee that if my dog Meaux had thumbs, he would not be playing ball with his mouth. In fact, if he had thumbs, he wouldn´t be playing ball at all. He´d be in the frig.

Be that as it may, these Brazilians do amazing stuff with their feet, heads, knees, chests, shoulders, etc. They even play volley ball without using their hands. Everywhere you go, people are discussing soccer. They argue passionately about who is the best ``whatever``. I like the game but I can´t play it worth a flip.

And finally, SAMBA. I don´t have enough time right now to go into this but, later, I hope to explain how samba has elements of the tournament of Rose´s parade, New Orleans second line with some Mardi Gras indians, figure skating, and baseball.

Today there´s a technical rehearsal of Canarios in the Aterro do Flamengo. It´ll be our only chance to parade this year. Tonight, I hope to go up the morro of Dona Marta.

Fui, j