Tuesday, January 10, 2006

animal crackers in my soup

10Jan 06

I somehow got really behind here. Lots of stuff to report.

First of all, I was wrong about Suzano. There is an advanced workshop as well 1100-1300 daily this week. Guess where I´ll be?

Second, we took at little side trip on Saturday to Guaratiba. If you don´t have a car forget it but, if you find yourself with a car a want to go somewhere, this is a pretty cool place. You go south down the beaches from Ipanema to Leblon to Barra, Recreio, etc, Brumari and you get to Guaratiba. Beautiful drive. My friend Noah says that some of the best boogey boarding in South America can be found in Brumari.

Anyhow, there is a restaurant there called Bira, run by an old surfer. First guy to shape boards in Rio. We had the moqueca mixta. When they say ´mixta´ they really mean it around here. They brought out this big pot of boiling stuff that looked like paella with the rice on the side. One of the guys started fishing around in it and that´s when I spotted the octopus. Big juicy pieces of octopus floating around in there. I´m not easily shocked (I was a gynecologist in a previous life after all) but all I could think of was that thing from the movie Alien which wrapped it´s arms around that guy´s face, stuck it´s tongue down his throat and empregnated him with a little beast which later jumped out of his chest. The guy across from me must have mistaken the grimace on my face for one of delight. As he was afraid that he might have to wrestle me for the octupus, he began to bargain with me. I discreetly moved my knife and fork into the sign of the cross and placed it between my face and the octopus. Without insulting him I began to assure him that I would get around to it and that, in the meantime, he should eat as much as he wanted. In fact, I argued, just take all of it to your plate (way over there on your plate) and save some for me.

Anyhow, once I dispatched the octopus, the rest of the moqueca was fantastic. I recommend this place.

Lots of other stuff has happened but I can´t remember much of it. Mangueira was a big flop at their Sambodromo rehearsal. They tried some marching stuff like the college bands do and it turned into a big mess. The once enjoyable sambadrome rehearsals have been discovered and are now packed beyond belief and the source of 2 hour traffic jams.

The Rolling Stones are recording a live DVD on Copacabana beach 18 Feb. Claro or some other big company is building a walkway from the C. Palace over Av. Atlantica to the stage. There are about 12 million people in Rio. I expect about 6 million of them to try to go to Copacabana for this show. I´ll be waiting for the DVD.

Rumor has it that Estacio has redone their quadra. I´ve always loved that bateria and the people. I plan to go over there for a technical rehearsal.

There are several new sambistas around. We went to see one last night at Severyna. Moyses Marques is the same kid who sings forro with Xaxados e Perdidos. He held court in front of an adoring crowd and really put on a good show. You can also catch him at Carioca da Gema na Lapa. Next Monday he´ll be back at Severyna doing forro.

The advanced Suzano course rocks. Lots of cool Suzano only rides.

It´s naptime. j