Sunday, January 29, 2006

Don Quixote

29jan 2006

There are stages of drunkeness. I think they are somethihng like this:

1. You´re clever
2. You´re pretty
3. You can sing
4. You´re bullet proof
5. You´re invisible

Xuxa was up there in the higher reaches last night/this morning when he returned from Salgueiro. "You think you're Don Quixote" is in the bulletproof/invisible range I'm pretty sure. Well anyhow, while trying to put sheets on his bed, he got into it with the fan which we have now nicknamed "Jaws". The fan tried to eat the bed sheets. Xuxa fought back valiently and then someone realized that they could actually kill the beast by unplugging it. It took a little longer than one would hope to come to this realization. This morning the fan looks a little like the Terminator near the end of the movie. Most of it´s skin is missing but it still works.

It´s noon and Xuxa is trying to figure out how he´s gonna get his game face back on by 1400 when the next party begins.

Samba was good last night. Canarios das Larangeiras were able to move back to Lapa and the rehearsal went much better. About half way through, a bunch of young guys from Badalo showed up and the samba started to cook. When Mestre Folia took over it got really hot. It´s just what you would expect, I bunch of 16 year-old kids who play their butts off and who are heavily steeped in funk as well as samba. Very, very funky. Hot tight breaks. Big fun.

About 3am some people in stage 3 infitrated the bateria so I we left.

For some cool samba de mesa check out the area of Lapa on the other side of the arches around where Rua do Riachuelo and Av Mem de Sa come togther. Xuxa is pretty sure he was there last night. Lots of old samba houses enjoying a resurgence of popularity. Almost every day there are two or three rodas starting around 8 or 9 PM. Be careful walking around that area late at night. There is a heavy drug scene just up the hill behind Asa Branca. Stay on the main streets. Take a taxi home. j