Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Eminem and sewage

24jan 06

First, a tip: The little "springs" bubbling up out of the sidewalks are not springs. Step over them.

It seems that the sewage situation has gotten bad enough that it has finally made it into the public consciousness. Today in the paper there was a picture of a sewage pipe draining directly into the water on some beach nearby. It came from a condominium across the street. They build these giant buildings here and dump the sewage right into the closest body of water. On the news was a picture of several tons of dead fish killed by algae overgrowth from raw sewage. The good news is that the government has promised to run some tests and do some studies.

Also in today´s paper was an article about the canals of Fundao and Cunha. These are the two beauties seen/smelled by 100% of visitors to Rio as they go into town from the international airport. A study revealed that with $66 million American dollars they could dredge out all the sewer mud and clean the place up. Hell, the USA fired $30 million dollars worth of missles at Bagdad in 30 minutes trying to kill Saddam!! 66 million is nothing. Clean that "sh*t´" up, holmes!!

Eminem made the news today. The article started by quoting Jorge Bush as calling him "the greatest threat to our children since polio." The author of the article argued that that alone was enough to demand respect. Let me see. What do I fear worse; A foul mouthed punk from the streets of Detroit or a not very bright megalomaniac religious fanantic with nuclear weapons?

I guess I´ll take Polio.

Tonight starts the big push to our the last weekend. I know it´s only Tuesday but this is Rio and Carnaval. The Xuxa arrives Friday so it´s unlikely that I´ll have time to write during the weekend. I´ll take notes on his movements and send a report later. j